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Plugging & Abandonment

Around 29 million oil & gas wells are abandoned worldwide, some without proper plugging. This results in annual emissions of 2.5 Mt of methane with climate change effects 36 times higher than CO2. Moreover, the plugging of wells is labour intense and costly. Alone in the North Sea, 2,000 wells are planned for plugging with projected costs of NOK 600-800 billion. Techniques to plug oil wells have not changed significantly over the last century and still rely on cement, which production is the third-largest source of global CO2 emissions.

EnviSeal product

  • Hydrophobic
  • Fast expanding
  • Elastic and stretchable
  • Bonds with Steel and the Geology
  • Fast-curing time
  • Expands in contact with water
  • Tested temp > 3000 C
  • Should withstand pressure > 600 bar